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What You Shouldn’t Overlook When Picking Your Table Size

As you learned from our previous blog posts – there‚Äôs 4 major things that will transform your table shopping process. 

  1. Understand Your Wood Type
  2. Look for Quality Craftsmanship
  3. Understand Your Needs
  4. Find Your Style

Another often overlooked component in the table shopping process is your chair size. You may think – are chairs really that important?

We are here to say YES they are and their size should not be overlooked. 

If you are ordering your table & chairs at the same time – know your chair dimensions to ensure you have the best fit and maximum leg room at your table.

We have a recommended size guide in check out for every table ??

We recommend accommodating about 20-24 inches per person. But for the most accurate selection – measure your chair dimensions to ensure they will all fit well with your table style.

Chairs tucked in vs. just sitting can fit differently at your table. Our sales team does our best to help recommend table bases that would complement your chairs.

Worried you are not allocating enough space for each chair? Our designer can create an accurate spec drawing of your space with the chair, table, and room dimensions in a premium package.

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