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What You Need To Know About Live Edge Tables

Live Edge tables are easily the most asked about product we offer. And today we are gonna let you in on HOW. ??

Live Edge is a style of furniture where the natural edge of the wood is incorporated in the design of the piece. It utilizes the exterior of the tree trunk and the natural curve. It is a mixture of Western and Rustic Furniture styles.

Because of the unique and complex character of the Live Edge, it is important to fully understand the process to make the best decision for your table! Keep reading to understand our Live Edge Process.


Just like with a standard table offering, the wood selection drastically affects the final product. We have created Live Edge tables out of many different species, including Magnolia, Oak, Walnut, and Exotic Parota wood. Walnut slabs are highly sought after due to the beautiful variation of color and grain pattern.

Showing the Beautiful Variation of a Natural Walnut Live Edge Table

We source our Live Edge slabs as local as possible. However certain species of trees grow larger and more prevalent in certain areas. For example, Exotic Parota grows only in Costa Rica.


After selecting your wood type, the next step is choosing the style of your Live Edge slab. We offer four options to choose from, including Book matched, Single Piece, 3-4 Flitch, and Supplemented. Each style demonstrates a different look and can be found at varying price points.

Our bookmatched style includes two flitches (pieces) cut from the same tree. Because of the location the pieces mirror each other, so you will get the same design on both sides of your table. These flitches take more time and diligence to find and are our highest price point.

If you are wanting a wider table, then the 3 or 4 flitch style will be your best option. It includes a few pieces of wood from the same tree that are assembled together to create a wider table with the same style and character as a single slab.

Our supplemented style option is the most cost effective for the Live Edge look. It includes two Live Edge flitches that are placed on the outside of the table and filled with standard wood cuts within the center. Our team seamlessly puts these together for a beautiful and cohesive look.


Live Edge tables often are found with various splits and openings. To ensure no further splitting in the future, many of the cracks are filled with epoxy. For some splits bowtie inlays are necessary. In the customization process you get to choose whether your bowties are visible or not. If visible, you have the option of contrasting or matching in terms of wood and stain.


Once you have customized your Live Edge and placed your order, our team seeks out the most beautiful and unique slab for you. They will locate options that fulfill your requirements, confirm what you like, and get you into production.

Once the slab is sourced, our craftsmen will get to work on it. They will flatten it, smooth it out, remove the tree bark and imperfections, fill any cracks or holes with epoxy, attach the slabs, add bowties if wanted, and finish it to your specification.


Live Edge tables have beautiful detail and character. In order to highlight this character we recommend using a natural lacquer finish. However if you are looking for a more cohesive, uniform color we do offer several stain options.

Once your table is finished and completed, delivery will be coordinated and your brand new Live Edge table will be hand delivered into your home ??‼️

Now That You’re Educated – Start Shopping for Your Live Edge Today!

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