Custom Hancrafted Farm Tables and Furniture

Rustic Trades is coming to Colorado!

At Rustic Trades, we are believers in the beauty of breaking bread together. There’s something extremely special about the communal table where relationships are bonded, stories are shared and memories are made. We imagine after a long day of skiing in the snow covered hills of Breckenridge or Aspen, there would be no better way to unwind with friends or family than gathered around one of our tables, recounting the day and making plans for a return trip.
That’s why, we are thrilled to announce the opening of our second location in Colorado Springs, Colorado! We anticipate the shop will be open by early spring to serve the Denver area and neighboring cities, all across to the West Coast. Having a second production facility means we can provide extra special care and attention to all of our RT friends from Nebraska to Texas and Oregon, and anywhere in between.
Our Colorado Springs shop will soon be outfitted with lots of brand new, shiny equipment, but it will be filled with talent as seasoned and tenacious as our aged white oak.
Ross will serve as operator and master craftsman of the Colorado production site, overseeing every single piece that is crafted by our artisans to ensure the quality matches the standard we pride ourselves on. Ross has been with Rustic Trades since it’s inception, often spending late nights working out of his garage in the early days, before eventually growing and supervising the Atlanta location. He’ll be no stranger to Colorado though. As a rock climber, alpinist, mountain biker, and kayaking extraordinaire, he has spent much of his time exploring Buena Vista, Estes Park, Fort Collins and other areas along The Front Range.
It’s not unusual to find John Michael following Ross down a river or cliff line, but more importantly, he’ll now be following Ross to Colorado as a lead craftsmen. He originally joined the Rustic Trades team in 2014, quickly honing his skills and excelling in his work. He pays close attention to small details and the thoughtfulness shows in his quality craftsmanship. We imagine John Michael will be living out of a Sprinter van before too long, traveling between Boulder and Colorado Springs to pursue his passions for both the outdoors and woodworking.
Of course, we cant send these two guys off without someone to keep an eye on them. Rebecca will be connecting one-on-one with each customer to consult them in the design process and make certain their personalized selections are accomplished in each piece of handmade furniture. Rebecca has been drawn to the mountains since her college summers working for the Summit Resort Hotel in Big Sky, Montana, but it was a backpacking trip in Rocky Mountain National Park that sealed the deal. She made the decision over an espresso in Georgetown to go back to the high country for good, and now the opportunity awaits her with open arms.
We can’t thank our loyal customers enough for your dedication to our craft. It is with your admiration and demand for local, reclaimed furniture that our growth is possible. We look forward to our expansion and the exiting opportunities that await.  Most of all, we are anxious to share our journey with you along the way!
-Rustic Trades Colorado

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