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Why Hardwoods Are A Necessary Investment

Do you remember the table you sat at as a child – at every family gathering, birthday dinner, or thanksgiving feast? That table took on everything – from baby food to temper tantrums, first impressions, hard conversations, pain, laugh attacks, you name it – it was shared around that piece of furniture.

A piece of long lasting, quality furniture that hosted all of your families moments and was built to sustain them.

Investing in quality hardwoods is 100% worthwhile for heirloom furniture just like that table you remember so vividly now. We sell tables for you to create moments like that – we use quality hardwoods so in five years you don’t have to go search around because your table is falling apart. It is built to last!

From Left to Right : Natural Maple, Natural Ash,
Natural Cherry, Natural White Oak, & Natural Walnut

We are commonly asked about the character of each of our wood offerings so we have made it easy to further understand below.

Hard Maple is a clean, tight-grained species with a uniform appearance. The classic, buttery tones of natural maple can transition well from rustic to contemporary settings.

White Oak is America’s tried and true species. Known for its strength and character, each milled piece is marked with a deep, signature grain, adding texture and character to every benchmade furniture offering.

Ash is characterized by a  prominent cathedral grain pattern.  The natural color of white ash varies from beige to light brown, which plays well with cool color palettes and modern decor.

The natural color of Cherry exudes a light red to reddish brown tone, changing dramatically over time to a rich, deep amber. This species is known for its subtle, organic grain pattern that peeks through each stain finish for added depth. Cherry allows for true-to-color stain finishes, making it a top choice for bespoke designs.   

Walnut has gorgeous variety with naturally occurring blonde tones in the life of the grain. Because of this dynamic character, every piece of walnut varies from the next for a truly unique wood choice. This sapwood can be more subtle with an added stain to it.

Alongside the natural beauty of our hardwoods, we offer a plethora of stain options as well. The offerings range from naturals, rich deep tones, bright whites, and neutral grays. We offer so many different options as custom is at the heart of our business.

We create furniture that is original and authentic to every customer. We believe that starts with the wood and we offer the highest quality hardwoods. We will help you customize a table that fits your lifestyle – to host all of your moments moving forward.

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