Custom Hancrafted Farm Tables and Furniture

“Fewer, better” | Why we choose handcrafted over mass production

  How does a Rustic Trades table go from this?


To this?

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We could take the time to explain to you our process of planing, cutting, joining, sanding, and finishing a table… How long we take to sand every board to achieve the perfect level of smoothness (or rusticness) you desire. How we hand pick each board according to your liking for holes, knots, and character. But, we think it is just as important to explain to you “why” instead.

Why does Rustic Trades handcraft your table?
Why do we take the time to build every table one step at a time, board by board?


It’s because we believe by building fewer, we can focus on building better.

Our craftsmen work diligently every day to create your custom, one of a kind table because we truly think it is worth it. The concept of “Fewer, Better” is a guideline we use to direct and inspire everything that comes through our shop. By choosing to handcraft every table, we are opting for quality over quantity. Handcrafting means ensuring quality and transparency. Upholding the integrity and value of something well built meant to last generations. We make a conscious effort to build something well, instead of pushing orders out the door. These tables are touched by every set of hands here before they leave the door, and belong to families with names, not a SKU on a barcode.

Here’s our why.















1. A sense of ownership- Both on our end and yours. Our team feels responsible to create something that you are proud to display in your home. We are proud of all the hard work that gets poured into our tables day after day, and that you can shake the hand of the guys who built you a piece of furniture for your home.


2. Heirloom quality- These tables are built to last for generations. That means that your great grand children will break bread around the same table you did. Your investment in a Rustic Trades table represents your family’s legacy.


3. Celebration. Coming together around a table means investing in those around you. It means sharing in all of life’s best moments with those closest to you and building relationships. Rustic Trades exists because of our desire to intentionally design and create a space for you to welcome others into your home and do life with one another.


4. Transparency. It’s so easy to order something at the touch of a button or swipe of a finger without knowing exactly what you’re getting. We want to eliminate that. We do our best to create a relationship with with all of our customers so you receive a one on one experience with our team from ordering to delivery. Once your table is in your home, our hope is that you have met some of our amazing and genuine Rustic Trades crew, experienced our showroom in Roswell, Georgia or shop in Flowery Branch, Georgia, and gained a little bit of knowledge on where your table came from.



We may not mass produce thousands of tables each year, but what we do build is intentionally crafted with you in mind.

That means so much more to us, and we hope it means more to you as well.

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