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Exotic Cross Cut Table

Don’t settle for any table. Create one you’ve been dreaming about.

This Parota Cross Cut table is truly unlike any other piece we have built. Round Live Edge tables are incredibly exotic and rare.

Parota, also known as exotic Guanacaste, is indigenous to Costa Rica. Parota is truly one of the most exotic, large species of wood in the world. Every Parota slab has to be hand selected and imported in.

Finding a beautiful, round cross cut like this one is like finding a rare diamond.

The Parota is similar to the gerth of a redwood tree. The coloring ranges in tones from warm browns to rich ambers. It is a high-quality, natural piece of art for your home.

A creative piece of natural art like this will transform your kitchen and dining space. The pairing of the Parota top and metal Braylon Asterisk base creates a modern vibe for this dining room.

Due to how exotic and rare these pieces are to come by they tend to have a larger timeline. The wait is worth it for a truly special and gorgeous table such as this.

Interested in getting more information? Call Elise our Sales Manager today to get the conversation started for your very own Parota Cross Cut Table!

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