Custom Hancrafted Farm Tables and Furniture

Driftwood Details, winter inspiration: Jameson Trestle

Okay, we may be in the middle of winter… The holidays are over and now we all patiently wait for the cold to pass. But while the weather may be cloudy and gray, we’re choosing to let the moody weather spur our love for grays in the form of our Driftwood Oak finish!

Check out some of these recent projects, inspired by the beautiful gray tones of one of our most popular finishes, Driftwood Oak:

This 11 and a half foot Jameson Trestle was built for a beautiful farm house wedding venue
(Note our complimenting 10’er in the background!) 

That beautiful grain….

Or this beautiful Weston Trestle with a custom gray Driftwood finish.

We love the layers of texture- Mix some soft leathers, metal back chairs, and a hardwood bench around your table to provide an array of seating options to keep it interesting.

Another idea is using different tones or shades of gray. This gives you the freedom to not be matchy-matchy and stuck with everything in the exact same Pantone swatch. The beauty of a Rustic Trades table is the natural variation that may derive from our use of REAL, organic material… We can’t make it perfect, and we don’t want to! Let those natural varying tones in your hardwood table play into the [other] grays in your rug and seating options…

It all ties together, trust us.

We love both of these examples of gray tones! What keeps you inspired?

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